Tasks - FAQ

Having trouble signing in?

The server does not have the Exchange Web Services activated

The app uses the “Exchange Web Services” (EWS) interface to connect to your Microsoft® Exchange Server. This interface is available on Office 365 for Business and Microsoft® Exchange 2007 or later.

The app will not work with Microsoft® Exchange 2003, Live.com, Outlook.com, Office 365 for Home, Zimbra or Kerio Connect.

Username or password is incorrect

Please double check that you’ve provided the correct username, password and domain entries. Server-side the Microsoft® Exchange Server will need to have either “Integrated Windows Authentication” or “Basic Authentication” activated.

Could not establish a secure connection to the server

If you see this error the app was unable to verify the SSL certificate that the server presented. In most cases this means that your server uses a self-signed certificate and the app is unable to verify this certificate. To check that this is indeed the case you could use one of the many online verification tools like this one provided by digicert.

To resolve this issue either

Further references:

Office 365 for Business

We’ve successfully connected to Office 365 for Business by

If you use Multi-Factor Authentication for Office 365 you will need an ‘App Password’ to authenticate your Tasks app. We found the functionality to create a new app password by signing in to Outlook Web App and navigating to Options > My account > Change your password > Additional Security Verification > Update my phone numbers used for account security > App passwords. Read more…

Which tasks get synchronised?

The app can synchronise the active tasks from the default tasks folder of one Exchange Server mailbox.

How can I see all my categories in the app?

The Tasks app downloads categories that have at least one task assigned.

To download other categories to the app we recommend to temporarily create a task in Outlook or OWA and to assign all other categories that you would like to appear in the app. The next synchronisation will then download these additional categories and you can then discard the temporary task.

If you have any categories that are no longer in use they can be manually deleted via Settings > Add or remove categories.

Is a trial version available?

We don’t have a separate trial version, but Google Play allows you to return the app within a 2 hour refund period so that you can try the app first.

Is my personal information secure?

The security and privacy of your information is an important factor that we consider with all that we do. If you want to find out how that applies to the Tasks app please read our privacy policy.

When I switch to a new phone will I be able to transfer my purchase?

This is what Google have to say on this topic: “Your application purchases are tied to your Google Account and can be installed an unlimited amount of times on any device. If you change devices, you can install previous purchases by making sure you sign into your device with the same Google Account you used on your previous phone.” Read more…

Why does Tasks forget my account details after a reboot?

If you’re running Android 4.1 then this issue is most likely caused by a defect introduced in Android 4.1 which affects all paid apps that make use of Android’s account management. To solve this problem we have made a workaround available as a free download on Google Play.

If you encounter this problem on other Android versions, please make sure that the Tasks app is installed on internal storage as it won’t function properly if installed to external storage, e.g. an SD card.

Thanks go to Marten Gajda for the reference implementation of the workaround app.